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Important information!

Dear customers! Our country is still in war - there are severe fights at the East and South-East of Ukraine. Russia continues its terror, attacking peaceful Ukrainian cities with rockets and drones.

Despite this, we're open for your orders, except the urgent and custom orders. International post is also working so we're shipping almost worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: Approximate turnaround time for your orders is 5-8 weeks for now depending on how big and complicated is your order. If situation changes to better or worse, we'll inform you asap.

We've designed two custom badges, "NAFO" and "Glory to Ukraine" to support the Ukrainian army during the war with russia. A part of the income from selling this badge will be donated to Ukrainian volunteer organizations for the needs of army and paramedics. We are really grateful for your support!

Glory to Ukraine !

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Welcome to our new webfront

Founded in 2004, became a great assistant for people passionate living history and reenactment all over the world. Our workshop offers a really wide assortment of historically accurate medieval accessories, leatherwork and armour. We produce all our products ourselves, guided by historical sources.

In our webstore you can find more than 1k titles of medieval belts, brooches and other castings, from Dark Ages to 17th century, from tiny rivet to luxurious crown. Custom orders are also possible - please contact us if you need something unique.

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